Hofreite delicatessen

Daily fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs
Cheese specialities from the Bregenz Forest
Wine from the winemakers Aufricht, Geiger and Krause, as well as spirits and liqueurs
Jams from „Adams Garten
Smoked whitefish from the Axel Mayer fisheries

Our freshly pressed juices and bread rolls with smoked whitefish from Lake Constance are especially popular.

We also offer gourmet food from all over the world
Special chocolate and sweets
Fair trade coffee and tea and more
Different kinds of oil, olives, and pickles

We are looking forward to your visit

Ruben Flach


Ferienwohnungen Meersburg Hofreite am Bodensee – Unterstadtstraße 13, 88709 Meersburg – tel 07532 495600